Proper Preparation

As we all know, no attorney has ever won a case without proper preparation. In continuing our conversation of how being effective at interviewing is like being an attorney, we now touch on why preparation is one of the three most critical elements to making your case stronger.

Over the years I have prepared thousands of job seekers for their interviews. Their level of preparation has ranged from not preparing at all, to looking up a company’s 10k report. So how important is preparation? 
An attorney would say that he or should could not win a case without preparation. So why do so many job seekers skip this all important step? I think that many job seekers overlook the preparation part because they do not understand how critical preparation is on three different levels:
1) The more you know about the company, the more you can expound on why you want to work for them.
2) The more you know about the person who is interviewing you (ie. by looking them up on LinkedIn and/or Googling them in advance), the easier it will be to create that rapport and connection with them during the interview.
3) The more time you take to prepare by practicing your answers to questions and by fine tuning your talking points, the better you will be able to communicate your value to the company and what you are going to do for them to make their life easier.
If you spend a minimum of 2-3 hours preparing before each interview (if not more!), the less interviews you will have to go on and the more likely you will be hired.

How is being a job seeker like being an attorney?

In both situations you are trying to make a strong case. In the case of the attorney, the attorney is putting forth a strong case based on evidence as to why their client should prevail on a particular matter. In the case of the job seeker, the job seeker is putting forth the case as to why they are the strongest candidate for the position.

The problem is that most job seekers do not take their job search seriously enough. The average job seeker may spend 20 to 30 minutes researching the position or the company, but will not put together a “case” for why they should be hired. An attorney would never dream of only spending 20-30 minutes working on a case that could make or break their client’s bank and/or spare their life. 
For job seekers, finding a job can be a life or death situation. The job seeker’s livelihood, as well as the livelihood of their family often directly depends on how effective or ineffective they are at finding a job to provide for themselves or their family.
So what is it that has an attorney to be able to make a compelling case time and time again when in court? I would say that there are three things that has an attorney be effective at making the most compelling case for why their client should prevail and that job seekers should learn to apply these same three elements in making the strongest case for why an employer should hire them.
These three elements are:
  1. Preparation
  2. Evidence
  3. Integrity
Each day, for the next three days I will get into why each of these elements is so critical to one’s job hunt and what one can do to make a stronger case the next time that they go in for an interview.

Liar, Liar (no integrity)

Why lie?
This question baffles me. I really cannot for the life of me understand why someone would invest five or more hours of their time to leave their office, go to an interview and jeopardize their current position, just to lose the opportunity by lying. It never ceases to amaze me the extent to which people will lie in order to attempt to get a position. I use the word “attempt” because 99% of the time it comes out that the person was lying and they then becomes blacklisted industry wide. A wise person once said “without integrity nothing work.” Whether you are an attorney making a case in court or a job seeker making a case for why someone should hire you, it is expected that you are operating with integrity and that why you tell people is the truth.
What are the payoffs to lying?
A 1% chance that you will get a away with it?
Making yourself look better by pretending you have a degree that you don’t have?
Making yourself look better by lying about what jobs you worked at and/or how long you were there?
What are the costs of lying on your resume, lying on your application or lying in an interview?
A high likelihood that you will be caught and get blacklisted.
An additionally high likelihood that you might get hired and the truth could come out afterwards and you will be terminated.
Tarnishing your reputation permanently. Yes permanently! Agencies and companies do keep records that can go back ten or twenty years if not longer.
So I ask you this? Why take the risk? It is not worth the risk of ruining your reputation and losing a job just for one little white lie.
A few words of wisdom for the next time you go to apply for a position:
  1. NEVER list a degree, certificate or other verifiable education related document on your resume unless you can provide an authentic copy.
  2. TRIPLE check your dates, your title and your work history on your resume and on any application you might fill out.
  3. DO NOT say or do anything that you cannot support with actions later. If you say you “know” how to do an Excel pivot table, you better be able to produce results the first time you are asked, otherwise, you are asking to be fired.
Good luck, and keep in mind, it is never too late to start telling the truth and to stop tarnishing your reputation.

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Handling a Counteroffer

What is a counteroffer and how can you effectively handle it when you receive one?

A counteroffer is when the company that you are currently working for does not accept your resignation and offers to match or better the offer with the new company that you have received.
Many companies have strict policies on not giving counteroffers as they know that it is rare for a counteroffer to work out, and others will stop it nothing to keep their best employees no matter what the cost. So is it a good idea to accept a counteroffer once you have already accepted a new position?
Of the many job seekers who I have placed and coached throughout the years, only about two to three have ever accepted a counteroffer and wound up staying at their original employer for more than six months.
Why is it that most job seekers do NOT stay when they do accept a counteroffer from their current employer?
1) There were certain reasons that you were looking for a new position to begin with and typically, a company will promise to “fix” those issues, but in reality, you still wind up dealing with the same issues that you were originally faced with.
2) When you accept a counter offer, often for more money, your original employer now has higher expectations of you than before. In many cases, employers also harbor animosity towards the employee who they gave a counter offer to because of the  demands they have to meet to keep you. There is also a lack of trust after someone accepts a counteroffer. That then has to be rebuilt, if it can be rebuilt at all.
3) Finally, if your co-workers find out about your counteroffer that you have accepted, they can often treat you differently and many times, they become resentful and can treat you worse.
There are very rare occasions where accepting a counteroffer does work out, but in a majority of situations I have come across, most counteroffer situations end badly with the job seeker leaving the employer within a few months of accepting a counteroffer.

How can you stand out when you are interviewed by or as part of a group?

There are two types of interviews that could frighten even the most experienced job seeker: The Panel interview AND the Group interview.

By a Panel interview, I mean that you are being interviewed by more than one hiring manager at the same time. There are several things that you can do to be effective at a Panel interview:

  1. Make eye contact with each person who is interviewing you throughout the interview.
  2. Do not interrupt any of the people who are interviewing you.
  3. Do your research on each individual who will be part of the panel and direct specific answers to that person based on their background.

In order to be effective at a Group interview, where you are being considered along with several other applicants at the same time, it is important to stand out from the crowd. 

The top 5 ways that you can stand out from the crowd in a group interview include:

  1. Have strong talking points. Don’t waste your words. When time is precious, like it is in a group interview, it is important to have everything you say make an impact. Always have a minimum of 3-5 talking points prepared that include evidence of where you have increased Productivity, Efficiency and/or Performance in the past (show them your PEP!).
  2. Wear a bold color. Jewel tones are ideal (royal blue, kelly green, red etc…only do this for a group interview! Normally I recommend more subdued colors), but stay away from patterns or loud jewelry. Standing out is important, but you do not want to stand out in a negative way.
  3. Again, never interrupt! Do not interrupt your interviewer or your other interviewees. It all comes down to respect. Absolutely chime in when a discussion begins and add your two cents (tie in your talking points), but under no circumstances should you interrupt others in the group.
  4. Do your research/be knowledgeable! One of the main reasons that people do not get hired is because they have not done their due diligence. If you know more than your counter parts who are being interviewed, you will have more opportunities to speak and share your knowledge with the group. Make yourself stand out by being the expert in the group. Be confident, not cocky!
  5. Don’t forget to ask questions and follow up immediately after the interview. I think it is always wise to send an email thank you immediately after the interview AND to send a hand written thank you note the following day.

How can a daily declaration get you hired?

You have probably heard me mention in my prior blogs the terms “Daily Declaration (DD)” and “Statement of Intent (SOI).” These terms may be something entirely new to you or you could have heard of something similar in books such as “The Secret” and “Think and Grow Rich” (both of which I highly recommend!). 

The concepts of a DD and SOI are something that I created several years ago. The first time I used my DD and SOI was when I wanted to make over $100,000 a year. I was a junior recruiter and was in my early 20’s. At the time $100,000 seemed like an insurmountable amount of money to make. I could not have fathomed making that much money in three years, let alone one year. At that point, I had taken a lot of knowledge from books that I had mentioned earlier, as well as a class that I had taken called Landmark Education and combined them to come up with the ideas of a Statement of Intent and Daily Declaration.
The first year I created my SOI it was solely focused on money, however, I have since expanded my SOI to create a wide variety of things, including booking television shows, creating a successful business and much more.  The key components to creating an effective SOI are “WHAT,” ie. what you want to accomplish, “WHEN,” by when you want to accomplish it and most importantly, you must be SPECIFIC! Statements of intent that are not specific will get you no where fast (ex. I want a great job). It is also important to only use the affirmative and empowering language that I mentioned in a prior blog. You need to take “hope” out of it, and replace words like “hope” and “try” with words such as “create” and “intend.”
An example of what your statement of intent could look like would be something like this:
“By December 31st 2013 (WHEN-typically I recommend picking a date 3 months to one year out so that you have enough time to retrain your brain and accomplish what you intend) I am creating that I will have a position paying me $60,000 or more (always add or more when speaking about money or things you are looking for an abundance of) that is within 10 miles of my house and where I get to work in an environment where I look forward to going to work every day (YES! Do be that specific…it goes back to that old adage, be careful what you wish for because you might just get it!).”
Once you have your SOI written out, keep it somewhere it is easy to get to so that you can declare it out lout a minimum of once a day, ideally 2-3 times a day (you can keep it next to your bed, in your bathroom and/or on your iPhone). The reason it is important to declare your SOI daily is that your brain and subconscious will sabotage you at first and hold you back from getting what you want. Once you begin declaring your SOI out loud every day, you will begin to notice that you will take actions in line with your SOI and it will also help re-train your brain to be in line with your new goals.
Many people will write out a goal or intention, but few will take the time to declare it. What I am suggesting is not something new or even innovative. These concepts have been around for thousands of years and these same concepts are what have made successful men and women around the world able to achiever their highest goals, financial and otherwise.  The concept of the SOI And the DD are just my way of saying it. Over the past 10 years, I have taught thousands of people to be effective using these easy methods. Even if you don’t believe me, try it! What is the worst that could happen? You might actually wind up with the results you want and have to confront your own power and success? At the end of the day, we are the only ones responsible for our lives and our futures (the good and the bad). Once you take ownership of how your life turns out, you will never again be a victim of your circumstances and can begin to create the life that you have always dreamed was possible.