What is the best way to go about asking for a raise or promotion?


I was completely caught off guard by the above letter sent to me by a job seeker who had been temping for us for several months. You see, normally, I get calls demanding a raise, justifying a raise and entitled about why someone deserves more money. Never, in all of my years of recruiting, had I received a letter that was so well thought out, eloquent and precise.

This letter was a call to action, which is why I thought it would be worthwhile to share with you and to use as a format to approach getting your own raise and/or promotion.

Below are five steps of how to approach your employer about an increase in your compensation and/or a promotion:

1) Start with gratitude. What I loved about this letter was it started with a simple “thank you” and a compliment.

2) Discuss where you have increased Productivity, Efficiency & Performance (PEP). In this letter, the job seeker clearly states what she has accomplished in the time that she has been contracting for us.

3) Reference where you have received positive feedback. Getting strong letters of recommendation or references from your managers are priceless. These recommendations are always great evidence when working on making a case for a raise or promotion.

4) Re-iterate your gratitude for the position you already have. When asking for a raise or promotion, it is important to be clear that you appreciate the job you already have, and your current compensation so that it does not occur as though you are no longer willing to stay in your current role or at your current rate.

5) Stay humble. “Please” and “Thank you” go a long way. When you approach a manager for a raise or promotion from a place of humility and appreciation, your words will go a lot further.

Upon receiving this letter, I immediately reviewed the facts, the way the letter was written and the person’s past performance and determined that, YES, this person definitely deserved an increase in compensation based on their hard work, dedication and performance.

You may not always get the raise or promotion you want immediately, but if you remain patient, consistent and clear in your intention, you will always be well received.

Do you know how to “Future Talk” your way into your dream job?

One of my dear friends, Joey Primiani, who also happens to be a very successful entrepreneur, was just on my Podcast and shared with me how he “Future Talked” his way into his first job at Google.

So what is “Future Talking” and how can you use it to land the job of your dreams?

“Future Talking” is a concept that Joey and his friends in Silicon Valley use to turn their dreams into reality. The essence of “Future Talking” is that you have present tense conversations about dreams and goals that you have. Joey goes on to explain that you can even write “Future Talk” articles about yourself and share them with the people you trust.

He once wrote such article about himself that wound up being published (almost verbatim) less than two years later in TechCrunch. There are a few key components to mastering “Future Talking.”

The first component is to believe. Believing and trusting that what you are saying or writing about is true is easier said than done. Some people call it “faking it until you make it,” but to really be effective at “future talking,” you must believe that the words that are coming out of your mouth. This involves consciously choosing the thoughts you think, as well as the words you speak and only choosing empowering words and/or thoughts.

The second component is to live it. TAKE ACTION. I was just listening to the book “The Four Agreements” in my car the other day, and Don Miguel Ruiz, the author, says that the quickest way to break the disempowering agreements that you have is to take action. It is only with your ACTION multiplied by your INTENTION (what you are “future talking” about) that you will be able to see your dreams realized.

Finally, it is important to have a community that you can trust and “future talk” your ideas with. It is only when we feel safe and can make ourselves fully vulnerable, that we can “future talk” our dreams into reality.

If you remember to believe your words, take action and create a trusted community who you can “future talk” with, then you will be well on your way to the life of your dreams.

To hear the full LA Talk Radio Podcast interview with Joey Primiani, CLICK the link below:

How can you tell when your career has passed its expiration date?

In 2009 when the market first crashed, I remember being interviewed by ABC News in San Jose on Labor Day about what a job seeker should do after having been with a company for 10-20 years and then getting laid off?

The answer I gave them then, still holds true now. You have two choices:

1) You can spend 10 x the same amount of effort to get the same job back that you may have disliked or not been excited about.


2) You can find something that you are passionate about, reinvent yourself and spend that same energy pursuing something that brings you joy and happiness.

The first step to figuring out if it is time to reinvent yourself is to figure out if you are still passionate about your current career. One way that you can do this is by asking yourself the following question:

“On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest, how would you rate your interest in returning to the field that you have been in?”

If you rate your interest at a 7 or lower, it might be time to start re-evaluating what it is you want to do with your life. If you do rate your interest in your career a 7 or lower, the next step is to make a list of the pros and cons of your career.

In order to be able to move forward to pursue your passion, you first have to take inventory of what you are good at and what you enjoy focusing your energy on. Was it the industry that you didn’t like? Was it the type of work? Was it the people you worked with? All of these things have to be given consideration when figuring out what is next.

I recommend taking a sheet of paper and putting a line down the middle. At the top of one column list “Duties/Skills I enjoy” and on the other side “Duties/Skills I dislike.”

Once you have a list of what you are good at end enjoy doing, you can then begin to work with a career coach to fine tune what jobs you would be best suited for. You can also use online career assessment tests (http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp) to help you narrow down what fields you should pursue. Another one of my favorite tools to use when reinventing yourself is to find 10 people who you admire in fields you are potentially interested in and interview them about what it is they like about their field.







What are the top 5 reasons people get fired/don’t get hired?

The top five reasons people do NOT get hired and/or get FIRED:
1) Poor Performance- Attitude can make a big difference in people who are poor performers, but can only go so far if you are consistently making mistakes.
2) Complaining/sense of entitlement-I often hear from my clients that they are tired of hearing their employees complain about hours/salary/duties etc… The second biggest complaint from my clients is when their employees have a sense of entitlement.
3) Lying-Anyone who lies about their skills/qualifications and/or background is asking to be let go or have their job offer rescinded. EVERYTHING is verifiable in today’s market.  Even if you do get hired based on a lie, chances are you will be fired eventually.
4) Unprofessional/unlawful conduct-This includes everything from poor hygiene, being regularly late and/or missing work, sharing inappropriate/off color jokes, foul language, inappropriate emails etc…
5) Blaming others/not taking responsibility- You MUST be willing to be accountable for your actions. Employers cannot stand people who are constantly justifying their actions or blaming others. Sometimes just saying “I’m sorry, it will not happen again,” is enough.

How employable are you?

As employers ramp up their 2014 hiring, the question is: are you the one who they are going to hire this year?

In order to make yourself the most desirable applicant in this market there are a few things that you can do:

1) Brush up on your technological skills. Websites like: lynda.com and youtube.com offer great tutorials, as do the Microsoft Store and recruiters who can often provide complimentary tutorials as well. They can all be a great resource for you in enhancing your preexisting skills.

2) Check your attitude at the door. Some of the best applicants I have come across on paper wind up being passed on because of their less than stellar attitudes. Check in with the people around you. Ask them how you occur for them and what their first impression was of you. This is a good way to get a sense of whether you are someone who others want to be around and work with or not. If you are not someone who others respect and want to be around, perhaps look into a self development class such as http://www.landmarkeducation.com or http://www.understandmen.com

3) Work on your presentation. You do not need to run out and buy an Armani suit to impress, but you certainly should have a pressed, polished and professional suit for any interview (preferably in black, navy or grey). Additionally, work with a buddy or coach on your physical presentation during the interview such as your body language and eye contact. Finally, practice those tricky interview questions in advance of the interview and most importantly, remember to breath and pause for emphasis. Toastmasters can be a great resource for enhancing your speaking skills or you can also check out other methods on increasing confidence in your speaking such as: http://www.vocalawareness.com/ 

Remember that it is your SKILLS multiplied by your ATTITUDE that will land you the job, but what you say or do during the interview, can just as easily cost you the job.

Hack meant for enthusiasts meant for Musically Explained

Ive been speaking of the musical. Ly app for quite some time just now and exactly how i have already been taking a look at its own attractiveness. If you dont recognize, musical. Ly lets you generate short 15-second videos of yourself lip-syncing straight to widespread music only to crop up bites. Think about it like a mashup of Vine, Snapchat, only to DubSmash. If you are carrying out a the words is occurring and at 7 straight to 16 1 year olds across the country, this app has been slowly evolving directly on posture only to it’s not instructions signs of slowing down. I do believe its the by itself policy which include the straight to become the next Snapchata policy and at fair have an effect on only to the capability to hold of use. Im not stating that it include the next Snapchat, Im from which musical. Ly might have matching having authority. Its nonetheless extremely early. If you analyze the most effective app lists on the App shop or the Google enjoy shop, there are a great number of apps in the market only to its very difficult straight to cut through the variety of noise. Musical. Ly provides arrived this feat as of accomplishing two things: (a man or woman) winning the 13-18 year-old introduce only to (2) using a utility app from which capitalizes on the desire to be creators. A man or woman. MUSICAL. LY strikes some good introduce

Musical. Ly is definitely the first actual cultural networking from which has already reached that an team mainly because youthful mainly because first-graders. Mainly because cell phone, tablets, only to almost every other fabric are currently discovering possessed only to implemented directly on younger only to younger a long time, get together this demographic tends to still be more and more of use. Technology is definitely beginning to skew younger only to apps that might smoothly trap this demos eyesight tends to pop. Musical. Lys accomplishment and at younger audiences reminds me of Facebook only to Snapchat. Facebook preliminary begun like a college-only policy only to down the road received posture directly on almost every other a long time. Recently, Snapchat carry out a thing matching as of starting with a younger demographic only to ageing up. Snapchat caught the tween only to teenage team as it comprehended two assistance that appears to be very important with regards to teens: (a man or woman) its not fair straight to hang aside directly on the same territory mainly because the body’s mother only to (2) you must lock the body’s difference. Wish to have Facebook, Snapchats app only to flows have started to sensibly skew aged only to become more discovering a far greater introduce. I do believe musical. Ly will do the same. Just think the minute Facebook turned into your moms app. In a few flows, musical. Ly is definitely generating Snapchat someones aged brothers app only to owning a straight younger gateway. 2. MUSICAL. LY is definitely implemented mainly because an instrument

I very soft attribute musically famous crown musical. Lys accomplishment straight to like a utility app. Its own situation is similar to how Instagram begun mainly because an instrument before preparing itself up like a cultural policy. Instagrams well worth only to intensity was that it formulated the general public premier photographers. That it came upon persons the capability to trap decent photographs to their cellular tool, edit that it, only to discuss that it to their close friends. This brought in a nice-looking customer building block in favor of after that can it discharge discovering cultural. Instagram formulated something that was at the present of use, only to flipped that it to produce a cultural networking the base. When you can understand why, you may want to observe the to seek musical. Ly. It actually is enabling a younger age group in making thrilled directly on flows he or she can not make it possible in making mainly because with ease on their own. It actually is democratizing thrilled manufacturing to seek teenagers as of providing them with the resources (i. E. , filters, handling in excess of video velocity, access to authority crop up) in making fun only to entertaining thrilled. I may not be the primary lip-syncer, but very soft i could introduce a thing fun in making on the policy. Ive implemented musical. Lys have an effect on firsthand only to i motivate on you to never dismiss that it mainly because merely a fad. Musical. Ly has grown straight to in excess of 90 million persons across the world, up taken from 10 million last year. If you’d like to reach teenagers (and even younger demos) across the country, there is absolutely no premier technique than simply by the platforms then they make use of. Certainly be a practitioner, learn the app, only to recognize its own potential. Musical. Ly provides a ton of eyesight just now only to irrespective of whether it could hold on only to aged up, there is a actual probability for them to stick around wish to have Snapchat only to Facebook.

Proper Preparation

As we all know, no attorney has ever won a case without proper preparation. In continuing our conversation of how being effective at interviewing is like being an attorney, we now touch on why preparation is one of the three most critical elements to making your case stronger.

Over the years I have prepared thousands of job seekers for their interviews. Their level of preparation has ranged from not preparing at all, to looking up a company’s 10k report. So how important is preparation? 
An attorney would say that he or should could not win a case without preparation. So why do so many job seekers skip this all important step? I think that many job seekers overlook the preparation part because they do not understand how critical preparation is on three different levels:
1) The more you know about the company, the more you can expound on why you want to work for them.
2) The more you know about the person who is interviewing you (ie. by looking them up on LinkedIn and/or Googling them in advance), the easier it will be to create that rapport and connection with them during the interview.
3) The more time you take to prepare by practicing your answers to questions and by fine tuning your talking points, the better you will be able to communicate your value to the company and what you are going to do for them to make their life easier.
If you spend a minimum of 2-3 hours preparing before each interview (if not more!), the less interviews you will have to go on and the more likely you will be hired.

How is being a job seeker like being an attorney?

In both situations you are trying to make a strong case. In the case of the attorney, the attorney is putting forth a strong case based on evidence as to why their client should prevail on a particular matter. In the case of the job seeker, the job seeker is putting forth the case as to why they are the strongest candidate for the position.

The problem is that most job seekers do not take their job search seriously enough. The average job seeker may spend 20 to 30 minutes researching the position or the company, but will not put together a “case” for why they should be hired. An attorney would never dream of only spending 20-30 minutes working on a case that could make or break their client’s bank and/or spare their life. 
For job seekers, finding a job can be a life or death situation. The job seeker’s livelihood, as well as the livelihood of their family often directly depends on how effective or ineffective they are at finding a job to provide for themselves or their family.
So what is it that has an attorney to be able to make a compelling case time and time again when in court? I would say that there are three things that has an attorney be effective at making the most compelling case for why their client should prevail and that job seekers should learn to apply these same three elements in making the strongest case for why an employer should hire them.
These three elements are:
  1. Preparation
  2. Evidence
  3. Integrity
Each day, for the next three days I will get into why each of these elements is so critical to one’s job hunt and what one can do to make a stronger case the next time that they go in for an interview.

Does online gaming hacking tools what’s more motions?

One of the best schemes a young majority of us relax, stay involved, stave off boredom, or even blow out hours at the office can be to play games–video games, pc games (on you do know there are numerous addictive games here at your expression structure, optimum?), or online games. I personal over 100 games during these ever-wonderful bigfishgames. Com. I often go to gaming sites here at the net aswell. A definite, i still analyze a crucial bit is actually a free – boxerjam, thrilling name is not information technology? hardly ever chief executive these are currently in which i played my earliest games online the very first time–in the first eighties–I proceeded to go online. (those of you were the days when you’ll dial here at, nbalivehackcheats wait while the screeeoooobongbongbong arrive that would afterwards definitely force at the wall structure). A definite game that i have already been playing a crucial bit lately, only to i’ve been definitely hooked here at can be Pogo. One can enjoy here at three but you must set up and at intermittent advertisements. But in fact, paying to play games here at Pogo (only to I’m sure here at every other on one hand thrilling sites) is very inexpensive in any case if you want to pass for which path. Especially if you prefer to remain in the home (because you find that we even today force on you definitely nut products), hardly ever invest in anything aside from formulas only to shelter, only to deserve (while every person should be able to) the brain flourishing of fact for which playing games affords. Believe it or not they have proven to be a wide array of advantages to Lane can be games aside from nothing more than due to its entertainment ideals. Why don’t analyze a young few:

A definite. Such platforms or assessment or no matter what they’ve been named nowadays enable games to return off their biological physique. One can enjoy games wish to have Checkers, a young version of Scrabble, or Canasta, for example, with a robot the meaning established in order to your first step these to business lead talent figures which are predetermined by just on you. Only to the new avatars (mini-me cartoon representations of players/members) possess very person expressions wish to have smiles, frowns, extent person wish to have expressions for which click here can be seen when earning a young circular, losing a game, conceding right to an apartment or match. 2. In-game talk available for real-time games would mean you’re able to enjoy games only to communicate with the others as one enjoy, all over the world, live. That you don’t listen to from their website three mins whenever you emailed or snail mailed a message; that you don’t wait 10 minutes while when you’re stoned only to swearing on you had taken approach too long right to remedy for which query; on you physique back only to forth to those all over the world. If ever the meaning what interests on you. One can, obviously, choose to either enjoy games opposed to the very pc structure itself or person counterparts of your choosing. Three. You will discover advantages of the previous discovered compounds which includes such things as, gaming online boosts social proficiency because you possess to deal with the others, breaks down barriers, encourages the very person sentiments of empathy only to sympathy (available for anything important to the very online/human acquaintances. . . Presence the fear, emotion, behavior an estimated next to impossible games or dull forms or games undertaking up); only to, in my own calculate, beats needing to enjoy games nothing more than. Four. The very miracle of online game playing assessment extent encourages altruism only to plays a part in not easy understanding assessment, here at no matter what extent. Individuals who have like-minded interests tend to help the others, talk, manipulate pc commands/controls, enjoy unidentified games, only to, often, possess tons of fun and are undertaking with each other. It’s often a lovely stage. While www.clashroyale24.com we have now recognize, aswell, that whenever on you enjoy games (of any mode only to of customized forms), those of you games aid sharpen some of that our psychological faculties, Alzheimer’s, only to, in my own coo-coo universe, the very insanity of such needful psychological aberrations while set, ADHD, only to OCD–though the age final edge can be not necessarily empirically demonstrated. There’s been quite a bit of assessment played on this topic and you can bet you’ll see a lot all the more right to come. And so to play games could be to call for inspiration available for defeating your individual optimum, to perform here at competition-mode (though the age is very understated), right to compete only to set out to win a wide array of cash if ever the meaning here at stake. That our earliest ancestors without doubt kept in mind to play games only to were amused by just them. Extent if ever its these tokens which are virtually biological but virtually lifeless available for anything aside from electronic work. Despite the case, anything that translates right to F-U-N.

Handling a Counteroffer

What is a counteroffer and how can you effectively handle it when you receive one?

A counteroffer is when the company that you are currently working for does not accept your resignation and offers to match or better the offer with the new company that you have received.
Many companies have strict policies on not giving counteroffers as they know that it is rare for a counteroffer to work out, and others will stop it nothing to keep their best employees no matter what the cost. So is it a good idea to accept a counteroffer once you have already accepted a new position?
Of the many job seekers who I have placed and coached throughout the years, only about two to three have ever accepted a counteroffer and wound up staying at their original employer for more than six months.
Why is it that most job seekers do NOT stay when they do accept a counteroffer from their current employer?
1) There were certain reasons that you were looking for a new position to begin with and typically, a company will promise to “fix” those issues, but in reality, you still wind up dealing with the same issues that you were originally faced with.
2) When you accept a counter offer, often for more money, your original employer now has higher expectations of you than before. In many cases, employers also harbor animosity towards the employee who they gave a counter offer to because of the  demands they have to meet to keep you. There is also a lack of trust after someone accepts a counteroffer. That then has to be rebuilt, if it can be rebuilt at all.
3) Finally, if your co-workers find out about your counteroffer that you have accepted, they can often treat you differently and many times, they become resentful and can treat you worse.
There are very rare occasions where accepting a counteroffer does work out, but in a majority of situations I have come across, most counteroffer situations end badly with the job seeker leaving the employer within a few months of accepting a counteroffer.