Going the Extra Mile

Three to five years ago things were different. You did not have to TRY to get a job offer, in fact, you were probably solicited with more job offers then you knew what to do with. That said, things have changed. Although employers are slowly beginning to hire again, it is a slow but steady process. For you, the job seeker, this means, you have to go the extra mile!

What does going the extra mile mean to you? For some, it might mean simply ironing their shirt before the interview, or doing a little more research, but for others they really do go the extra mile. Below are a few ways to go above and beyond to make sure you ACE your next interview.

1) Know WHO you are meeting with. The normal job seeker will simply look up the person they are interviewing with on the company’s website. The one who gets the job will go onto the company’s website, Google, and Linkedin and will thoroughly find out the preferences of the person they are meeting with. In some cases, they may even bring an appropriate gift based on the potential employer’s interests (this is more appropriate for people in sales, marketing and higher level executive type positions).

2) Know WHAT you are interviewing for. Recruiters can be good and bad. Some recruiters will simply give a candidate they are working with the basic information about the job, however, it is YOUR job to go and dig deeper to find out WHAT the position is really about. If you want to go the extra mile in finding out WHAT the job is about, you can use resources such as Linkedin and Twitter to see what people inside the company are saying about the position and/or research people on Linkedin who have had the position before. You can also push your recruiter to see if they know any additional information about the job that will help facilitate your getting the offer.

3) Know WHERE you are going for your interview. The average person will google search the address of the place they are going for interview to get direction. The person who goes the extra mile will DRIVE BY the location of their interview in advance to make sure they will not get lost the day of.

By knowing the WHO, the WHAT and the WHERE you will be one step closer to landing your next job!