Should I be using

Yes! If you are looking for a job, is an excellent tool for passively hunting for a job. There is a feature that allows you to post your resume on, however, be cautious because as of right now, anyone can find your resume on You don’t want your potential employer to see you on there if you are still working. If you are unemployed, though it could be beneficial to post your resume there.

How does indeed work? Indeed is powered by Google and searches every website listed anywhere on the web (though I find it does NOT search just like a search engine would. Therefor, if you type in “legal secretary” and “Los Angeles,” all of the open positions posted on ANY website become visible to you*.
The other great thing about indeed is that you can set yourself up with job search lists, which will cause indeed to email you a list of EVERY open job that meets your search criteria each morning. I recommend doing several versions of your job title. For example, if you were a legal secretary you might want to search “legal secretary,” “legal assistant,” “legal administrative professional” etc… so that you do not miss the perfect opportunity.
* and may no longer get picked up by indeed because they feel threatened that indeed may be there new competition with the resume search tool they now offer. I have yet to officially verify this information.

Maximize your time, Minimize your effort

How many of you spend hours looking through different websites every day for various positions? Maybe you start your morning with and then you might go to, and perhaps on to another website after that. With new job hunting websites popping up every day, it becomes harder and harder to discern which ones to use. One of my favorite tips for job seekers is to set yourself up with job alerts. Indeed is powered by Google and thus, is able to search EVERY site on the web for the position you are looking for. If you are not already on Indeed, I highly recommend setting yourself up with several job alerts. These alerts will be emailed to you every morning and will list EVERY position that meets your search criteria listed anywhere on the web. You want to make sure to set up several different alerts to match your profession as different recruiters and hiring managers will use different titles. For example, if you are an attorney, you might want to do one alert for “attorney”, one for  “lawyer”, one for “Associate” and so on.

Good luck and happy job hunting!