Use Linkedin and other websites to help you research a company and/or employer prior to an interview

In today’s technology driven market it is easier than ever to be prepared for an interview, and key to thorough preparation is research.  Prior to your interview, research your potential new employer to assist you in formulating 5 answers to the common interview question, “Why would you like to work at this company (in this position)?”  Many job seekers reply with simple answers such as, “Your building is close to my home, so I’d have a better commute,” or “This company seems stable and I really need that right now.”  Those answers, while truthful, are not going to impress your interviewer.  Remember, in most cases right now, it is you and many other applicants all applying for the same position.  Why not go a step further by researching not only the company, but also your interviewer?  

Expand your research after you read the company’s website by looking your interviewer up on a site like prior to your interview.  Many organizations are encouraging their executives and human resources professionals to post their profiles on professional sites like Linkedin, and more people are registering every day.  Imagine the advantage you will have over your competitors if you take the time to discover specific information about the person you’ll be meeting with, things like how long they’ve been with the company and any common interests you may have!  Use the information you gather from your research to formulate your 5 answers to the question of why you would want to work at that company, and don’t forget to cite specific examples of what you read on the company’s website (don’t forget to read their press releases which are generally on a separate page of the website). 

Going the extra mile means you will stand out from your competition and will be remembered after your interview!