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The Directorate of Fowl Study (DPR) formerly Task Directorate on Poultry (PDP) is one of the component research institutes of the Indian Authority of Agricultural Research (ICAR), an independent multidisciplinary Investigation & Development Company financially supported by Govt. of India. The Directorate was create like a matching system of Most India Matched Research Study (AICRP) on Chicken in 1970 at Izatnagar, Uttar Pradesh. Consequently the unit was improved as being a full fledged Task Directorate during 1988 and moved to Hyderabad, the capital location of Andhra Pradesh’s southern state. The aims of the Directorate are to coordinate investigation at AICRP facilities situated across the conduct and country research about chicken outlines for rural and industrial poultry production’s progress and progress. Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Ji displayed Director with SARDAR PATEL BEST START PRIZE DG visits with DPR on 26-03-2016 DDG(AS) inaugurating Convention Center SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN(Press for more) The ongoing study workshops at DPR are dedicated to investigation relevant to program, and social requirements -oriented research towards commercialisation. These include the aspects of immunomodulation applied diet, hen reproduction examination and wellness supervision DPR has brought leadin rural chicken farming’s advertising through reproduction of Gramapriya, Vanaraja and hen varieties. DPR researchers acquired many prestigious prizes including the ICAR workforce research award for excellent successes.

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