What are recruiters and how/when should you use one?

The other day I had the opportunity to interview an agency recruiter associate on my “Get Yourself the Job” podcast as to what an agency recruiter is and is not. A lot of people are confused on whether they should utilize an agency recruiter as part of their job search strategy, as well as how/when to use an agency recruiter.

A good agency recruiter is…

·     Someone who is paid by companies to find them applicants to fill their needs (you do NOT pay recruiters anything)

·     Someone who will help counsel and coach you on your resume, your interviewing skills and your career trajectory

·     Someone you should trust, as he or she will be your advocate, representing you in any and all negotiations with potential employers who they present you to

A good agency recruiter is NOT…

·     Your employee (recruiters work for the companies, not the job seekers; however, great recruiters will ALWAYS make sure to put your needs above the need to make a quick fee)

·     Your punching bag (being a jerk to your recruiter is a quick way to get yourself blacklisted with that agency and hurt your reputation in the industry)

·     Greedy (good recruiters do this for the joy of matchmaking the right job seeker with the right company and do it for the fulfillment, NOT the fee)

Here are three situations in which you SHOULD use a recruiter to help you with your search:

·     You have many years of experience in a specific field and are looking to transition to a career in that same field

·     You are new to a location and have experience in a field that you want to stay in, but do not know anyone in that field in your new location

·     You are a recent college graduate and looking for your first job

Here are three situations in which you should NOT use a recruiter to help you with your search:

·     You have many years of experience in one field and are looking to transition to an entirely different field (recruiters are paid a fee to find companies EXACTLY what they are looking for)

·     You have a really good network on your own and don’t need the help of a 3rd party

·     You are starting off your career without a degree and have no prior experience in the field you are looking to enter into

In general, an agency recruiter can be a great partner with you in your job search if you understand what a recruiter is and is not, and you understand the best circumstances in which to use a recruiter.

Click on the following link to hear my full interview with Jennifer Marcinkowski on when to use a recruiter and how a recruiter can help you with your search: http://latalkradio.com/content/getjob-111416%20#audio_play

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