Do you know how to “Future Talk” your way into your dream job?

One of my dear friends, Joey Primiani, who also happens to be a very successful entrepreneur, was just on my Podcast and shared with me how he “Future Talked” his way into his first job at Google.

So what is “Future Talking” and how can you use it to land the job of your dreams?

“Future Talking” is a concept that Joey and his friends in Silicon Valley use to turn their dreams into reality. The essence of “Future Talking” is that you have present tense conversations about dreams and goals that you have. Joey goes on to explain that you can even write “Future Talk” articles about yourself and share them with the people you trust.

He once wrote such article about himself that wound up being published (almost verbatim) less than two years later in TechCrunch. There are a few key components to mastering “Future Talking.”

The first component is to believe. Believing and trusting that what you are saying or writing about is true is easier said than done. Some people call it “faking it until you make it,” but to really be effective at “future talking,” you must believe that the words that are coming out of your mouth. This involves consciously choosing the thoughts you think, as well as the words you speak and only choosing empowering words and/or thoughts.

The second component is to live it. TAKE ACTION. I was just listening to the book “The Four Agreements” in my car the other day, and Don Miguel Ruiz, the author, says that the quickest way to break the disempowering agreements that you have is to take action. It is only with your ACTION multiplied by your INTENTION (what you are “future talking” about) that you will be able to see your dreams realized.

Finally, it is important to have a community that you can trust and “future talk” your ideas with. It is only when we feel safe and can make ourselves fully vulnerable, that we can “future talk” our dreams into reality.

If you remember to believe your words, take action and create a trusted community who you can “future talk” with, then you will be well on your way to the life of your dreams.

To hear the full LA Talk Radio Podcast interview with Joey Primiani, CLICK the link below:

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