Great “Juanism” from my favorite Sage

Day #166 of 365 days of gratitude: is grateful for her wise sage Juan (her parking attendant) who offers the most beautiful stories each week about life.

A perfect example is today’s story:

A man once spoke ill of his enemy and said so many bad things about him that one day that man lost his job and became homeless.

The man who spoke ill of his enemy felt so bad, that he went to the wisest man in the town and said “How do I undo what I have done?”

The wise man said: “Take a pillow full of feathers and go to the highest building that you can find and release the feathers. Then come back to me once you have done so.”

The man was so elated that it would be that easy and found the highest building and released the feathers.

When he went back to the wise man, he said “that was easy, thank you!”

The wise man said, “Wait, you are not done. Now you need to go across the town and pick up every feather and put it back in the pillow case.”

The man said: “That is impossible!”

The wise man said, “Yes, it is impossible, just like taking back the negative things you said about your enemy is impossible.”

The moral of this story is that you can never take back three things “Opportunities you have passed up, positive or negative things that you say and an arrow that you shoot.”

Choose your words wisely.

Thank you Juan for your sage stories that you share!


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