How can you tell if your current job is hurting your overall career?

How can you tell if your current job is hurting your overall career? When you think of your career as playing a hand of poker, sometimes you need to know when to fold so that you can win the overall game. Many of us play bad hands that we are dealt, which can hurt our chances of winning the game. 

An example would be taking a job outside of your niche area out of desperation (you can take a band-aid job to cover yourself financially while you look so long as you don’t get comfortable and stop looking for what you really want). If you spend too much time outside of your given field employers might become turned off by your background.

A majority of job seekers are afraid of change. Having this fear is the number one thing that can hurt your overall career trajectory. Fear holds us back and I see many people who stay in jobs past their “due date” and even take a counter offer to stay a job they were not happy with in the first place.

There are a few key signs to look out for that might indicate it is time to move positions/fold that hand that you are holding:

When you no longer believe in company mission and/or the people who are running a company. 

When waking up and going to work is a chore.

Working in a job/field that is unrelated to anything you are remotely interested in (such as example).

Working in a position that is not related to what you want to do in the future.

When people speak ill of your current employer/others don’t respect your current employer-this can hurt your career by association.

You have not had a raise or an opportunity for increase in over two years.

When you get comfortable and are not challenged, ie. when you are just doing a job for a paycheck, not because you are passionate about it.

When your boss does not talk to you about your long-term goals/you don’t have an opportunity to progress your career towards where you want to be.

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