The Top 5 Ways to Transition Your Career

I have been asked to speak on several television shows lately about how one should find a new job when they are looking to transition their careers. I have come up with a list a of the Top 5 things that you need to do if you are looking to make a career change:

1) Figure out WHAT you want to do next by meeting with a Career Coach, taking career assessments/personality tests and/or doing your own research online. 
2) Next REVISE your resume to reflect any transferrable skills that you have from your previous field that can apply to the field that you are looking to transition into (functional format resumes can be very helpful for accomplishing this task).
3) REINVENT yourself by taking whatever classes, certifications, tutorials and/or training that may be required or necessary in the chosen field that you want to get into.
4) NETWORK your way into your next position. Join different associations and groups that are in your new desired field and get out there and network. Don’t forget to connect with people using social media at networking events as well!
5) CREATE a “statement of intent” and a “daily declaration.” Your statement of intent will include “by when” you will find your new ideal job, “what” that new job will look like (this includes salary and title) and other specifics related to your new career. You will then declare that statement (which should be 2-5 sentences long), out loud every day at least once, ideally twice, with vim and vigor. This is what will retrain your brain to believe that you can accomplish what you are intending in your statement. Some people even keep their statement of intent on their phone or next to their bed so that they can look at it if they are feeling down or like they cannot accomplish what they have committed to.
If you do these five things, you will be on your way to transitioning into your ideal career.

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