More on Proactive interviewing

In my last article Proactive vs. Reactive interviewing, we discussed the difference between a proactive and a reactive interview. In this article, I wanted to give you an additional way that you can proactively approach your next interview.

One of the major reasons that people are ineffective at interviewing is that they are unprepared for the concerns, hesitations and/or issues that an employer has about their background. Rather than proactively addressing potential concerns or issues regarding their own resume they wait to react to the questions the employer asks them about why they might NOT be a fit and typically fumble.
Below are some examples of potential issues or concerns an employer might express about your resume and/or background:
Why do you have so much movement on your resume?
Why do you not have a degree or are you missing XYZ certification?
Why have you been temping so long?
What have you been doing since you were laid off?
Why do you not have specific experience or skills for this position?
The next time you go in for an interview, take a moment to dissect your resume the way an employer would, ie. looking for reasons why someone would NOT hire you. From there, you can prepare talking points to address those potential issues/concerns during the interview (because chances are that those concerns will come up). When you proactively address those concerns about your resume, the employer will appreciate it AND you will enhance your effectiveness in relaying what makes you a good fit for the position.

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