Timing is Everything

You know that old saying “The early bird gets the worm…” Well in many cases, it is the early bird who gets the job. There are several occasions where it can pay to be the early bird. Below are some examples of occasions where a person can win or lose a job offer depending on how quickly they respond:

1)Resume Submissions- The first resumes that are submitted are often the people who get hired. This is especially true of positions that are in saturated markets where there are a lot of applicants. Always check your job boards such as Indeed.com, first thing every morning and apply right away to any jobs that are a fit. If you take an extra day or two to put together a resume, the position could already be filled or the client could tell us to hold off on sending additional resumes. 
2) References-When you get into the interview process, it is important to have your references ready to go and aware that they will be called. Taking even an extra day to get your references together can be the difference between those who get hired and those who do not. 
3) Phone calls-At least once or twice a week I will have a job seeker call me 20 minutes too late regarding a position that I just filled. The people who answer their calls and emails first are the ones who we give top priority to and often get hired faster.
4) Interview times-Always book your interview sooner rather than later. I occasionally have people who opt to push their interview back a few days or a week. There have been many instances where the position gets filled in the first few interviews and then the person who pushed their interview back a few days doesn’t even have a chance to come in and meet the prospective employer.
5) Background forms, including pay stubs-There have been instances where someone has taken too long to fill out a background form, application and/or get the appropriate employer verification such as a pay stub and in that time, the company identifies someone who they would rather hire.
Remember, it is always better to be first than last.

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