The only thing worse than not getting an offer is…

Getting an offer and having it rescinded because you misrepresented something on your resume. The reason I am writing this post today is because it has come to my attention on several occasions, just today, where people have blatantly lied about their dates or experience on their resumes. There are several ways that recruiters can cross check your information and see if you are telling us the truth aside from a background check:

1) We check to see if you have applied for prior jobs in the past. If something looks fishy, we will cross-check your most recent resume against prior resumes you have submitted to see if you show a different title or different dates on your resume. 
2) We cross-check your Linkedin profile against your resume. Often times they do not look the same and when we catch a discrepancy, it can give us pause.
3) We also Google you. Sometimes this will lead us to Facebook or other websites that might give us conflicting information from what your resume tells us.
Regardless, any type of discrepancy on your resume be it dates, employer, title, education etc… can lead to you not being hired, having a job offer rescinded or worse, being black-listed by those who know you in the community. 

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