Committed but not Attached

I just got out of a two day meditation retreat where the focus of the retreat was letting go and not being attached to circumstances or outcomes. How often in our lives do we let time slip past us because we are waiting for whatever outcome is next? When we get to work, we are waiting until 5pm when we can leave. Then, when we leave we are waiting until we have to go back again the next morning. We are constantly in this cyclical waiting game. 

The most common form of waiting I see is that of temporary employees who are hoping to possibly be hired by the company who they are temping for. If you ever have been a temp on a job, I am sure that you know what I am referring to.
As a recruiter, there is very little that you can say to comfort someone who is hoping to be hired when they have been temping long-term. There is a certain sense of defeat and frustration that I often see in the temps who I work with. So what can you do when you have been temping long-term to no avail?
Change your perspective! There is a big difference between being attached to an outcome versus committed to an outcome. When you are attached to an outcome, you are setting yourself up for upset if your expectations are not fulfilled. When you are committed to an outcome, you are free from upset because you are not waiting for something to happen. You are committed that the result you desire, being hired, will happen, but you are not constrained by it.
I know that this is a very subtle, but complicated concept, though if you apply it, you can have more freedom in your job search.
Imagine the next time you go to temp on an assignment…if you are not attached to being hired you will be more free to perform effectively because you will be less burdened by the need for a certain outcome. The job seekers who I have seen employ this tactic are often the ones who are hired because the employers appreciate their attitude and notice the difference in the employee’s personality and performance.

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