Top 10 Simplest Reasons people have been Fired

Having been a recruiter for close to ten years now, I have come across every reason in the book for which people have been fired. In many cases, being fired is warranted, but in some unfortunate cases such as forwarding an inappropriate joke or email, the employee can be caught off guard. 
Below is my top 10 list of silly things people have done to get fired:
  1. Manipulating an online timesheet to change their time and/or falsifying their time by taking long lunches without putting the right hours down on their timesheet.
  2. Watching porn-this should go without saying but I have seen people get fired for this and be surprised.
  3. Foul body odor-enough said.
  4. Posting negative comments about an employer on social media site without consensus from others who work there. Ex: You post “I hate my office” on Facebook and there are no comments or likes from others in your office who agree with you.
  5. Forwarding inappropriate jokes or emails.
  6. Making offhanded racial comments or jokes such as “You are such a cheap Jew…”
  7. Expressing political or personal views that are not in line with the company and making them public to people in the office.
  8. Taking a vacation without letting your supervisor know that you will be out of town or asking permission in advance.
  9. Saying “No” to your employer can count as insubordination if it is work related and/or refusing to do duties that are required of your job.
  10. Having a bad attitude in general will definitely lead to termination.

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