Defensiveness + Unaccountability = UNEMPLOYMENT

A big complaint that I have heard repeatedly from clients regarding both temporary and full time employees is that employees are being defensive and/or not taking responsibility for their actions. I often hear clients say that someone is “combative” and does not respond well to criticism or feedback. The other thing I have been hearing is that employees are full of excuses as to why it won’t or cannot work or why they cannot do it.

This sort of “negative nancy” attitude where employees are constantly refusing to do work, questioning the work they are asked to do, and/or complaining about the work they are given is setting them up for failure and/or termination.

So how do you prevent from becoming one of the people who an employer is considering letting go or terminating? 
A few things that you can work on to avoid being let go because of a bad attitude include:
-Look at any potential insecurities you might have in a particular area and figure out a way to enhance that area. Example, you don’t have strong Word skills, go out and get training to enhance your skills.
-Don’t give excuses when asked why something was not done. Just apologize and figure out a way to DO IT.
-If you have a question or something you don’t understand, be in communication immediately about any questions you may have regarding a particular task or duty.
-When being given criticism or feedback regarding your performance, be accountable. Take responsibility for your actions without complaining, deflecting or being defensive. 

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