When should you be endorsing people on Linkedin?

I was recently asked about whether or not you should be endorsing people on Linkedin. I find it interesting how casually people are taking the endorsement function on Linkedin. I am surprised by how many people are endorsing one another who have never even worked together or seen one another’s work product. I find that people are arbitrarily endorsing others, without realizing that they are vouching for someone’s skills. My thought process on whether or not to give an endorsement is that you should only endorse someone when they fall into one of the following 5 categories:
  1. You have worked directly with that person at the same company and have seen their work first hand.
  2. You have hired them to do work for you and the results that they have produced have been above average.
  3. They have hired you to do work for them as a vendor and you have seen the quality of their work.
  4. You are a recruiter who has placed an individual in a job and know first hand from your client that they have the skills that they purport to possess.
  5. If you have worked against someone in a case or matter and have seen the quality of their work.
I think that endorsements should be taken seriously, just like you would take giving someone a reference or a recommendation seriously. 
So before you go to endorse someone the next time you are on Linkedin, ask yourself if they fall into one of the five categories listed above.

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