What are the top 5 subjects to AVOID in an interview?

There are many subjects that you need to tread lightly around when in an interview. Below are the top 5 subjects that can quickly ruin your candidacy for a particular position:


1) Politics-This should go without saying, but I have noticed that a lot of people are bringing up politics in interviews lately due to the recent election. In addition, be careful about posting controversial or political topics on social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and/or Linkedin. Employers will Google you and see what you are saying. If they don’t agree with it, they may not hire you. Even though the election is over, you still want to be careful about what you share in an interview or on a social media site regarding your political affiliations.


2) Religion-Even though employers are not supposed to discriminate against you based on religious beliefs, you do not want to test that rule and bring up religious affiliations in an interview. Religion is a very hot topic that can easily offend the person you are interviewing with if their views are not in line with yours.


3) Sexual Preference-Sexual preference is another area that is protected under the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC), but it is still a topic to be careful about discussing during an interview. Though many companies have become more forward thinking when it comes to this subject, you still don’t want to get into too much personal information during the interview process. 


4) Personal Relationships-Discussing issues related to current or past personal relationships is typically not appropriate during the interview process. I often see people who discuss too much personal information in an interview and many interviews will be put off by this. Personal relationship information you may want to stay away from in an interview includes: recent divorces, cheating, bad break ups etc…This is none of the employer’s business.


5) Age-Yours or theirs! It is never appropriate to bring up your age or the interviewer’s age in an interview. I hear a lot of people who will “joke” that they are “not as young as they used to be.” Even though this can seem harmless, an employer might see this as you not being comfortable with your age, and this can make others around you uncomfortable.

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