Buying Time with Multiple Offers

A recent occurrence that we have been seeing is job seekers getting multiple offers at once. This is a great trend in the market because it is an indicator that the economy is improving, but it comes with a downside: many job seekers have no idea how to effectively handle more than one offer at a time. We are seeing a lot of job seekers lose offers because they are mismanaging their communication with both the company who is giving them the offer and the recruiter who got it for them. 

When you have more than one offer, the most important thing to keep in mind is: CLEAR COMMUNICATION. 
When you start trying to buy yourself time by not responding to a company or to a recruiter, you are jeopardizing your potential offers. If you are in the final stages with any company, law firm or recruiter, you need to be an open book when it comes to your other offers or pending opportunities. Most companies and recruiters will be understanding about it. It is important that you return phone calls and emails promptly when you are in the offer stage with any company. You are better off to respond immediately explaining your situation, than wait too long and lose the offer. 
I once had a job seeker who got one offer from her first interview, but still had three other interviews to go on that week. We clearly communicated this to each of the companies and they were very understanding. They allowed her to go on all of the interviews and the first company appreciated her honesty and was willing to wait for her so that she could fairly asses each opportunity. In the end, she did have four total offers, however, she went with the first one who had patiently waited for her all along. If she had lied to the first company or been evasive regarding her other interviews, she could have easily lost the best offer she had. 
Just remember, be in communication. You are better off to let the company know that you are in the final stage with another company and ask if they are OK with waiting for you to see through the process than lying about it. If you do this you will be respected and taken more seriously.

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