The little things

It really can be the little things that make the biggest difference in whether or not you get the job. This goes for people who are interviewing, as well as people who are temping.

I have a lot of people ask me: “Why didn’t I get hired?” Sometimes I can give them the reason and sometimes I cannot for legal reasons. Below are a list of some of the little things that people could have done that might have gotten them hired instead of being passed on:
1) Sent a “Thank you” note. When an employer is having a hard time deciding between two or more candidates, something as simple as a thank you note can be the thing that is the deciding factor. This is especially true of a well written and thoughtful thank you letter.
2) Followed up. There are many different ways to follow up. You could follow up with a phone call after an interview or you could follow up your boss on an important matter so that they do not forget. I cannot tell you how many times one form of strong follow up or another has gotten someone hired. If you are going to follow up with a phone call after an interview, it is important that you follow up once and not ten times. You do NOT want to come across as too pushy, but you DO want to come across as interested in the position.
3) Been more flexible! The less flexible you are in the interview process and/or while you are temping, the less likely you are to be hired. Flexibility can be anything from being flexible with your times you are available to interview to being flexible with your attitude about the types of duties you are willing to do. If you are someone who is very accommodating and flexible throughout the process, the employer will take note and will likely be more inclined to hire you.
4) Shown common sense/good judgement. I wish I didn’t have to list this one, but common sense really is a little thing that goes a long way. Many people lose a job opportunity over a lack of common sense or good judgement. Use good judgement before you say or do something in an interview or on a temporary assignment. 
5) Offered to do more. This is true for an interview or a temporary assignment. In an interview, prepare more than is expected and I guarantee you will blow the socks off of the next person you interview with. The same is true when you are working on a contract and/or temporary assignment. Just putting for that extra little bit of effort can really get you noticed and have you stand out. There are many things that we know we could do to go above and beyond, but we get lazy or lackadaisical and don’t put forth the extra effort.
If you can just prepare a little more before you next interview or go the extra mile on your next temporary assignment, you WILL be the one who is hired.

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