What are the top 10 Resources for Job Seekers?

Knowing where and how to find a job is half the battle. Below are the top 10 resources for someone looking to find a new position:

1) Linkedin.com: Get out there and leverage your social network. Within the next year, Linkedin will be one of the main ways employers search for new talent and you should make sure you appear at the top of their list by creating a top notch profile with strong recommendations.
2) Resume Wizard in Word: Getting a good resume put together does not have to be hard work thanks to Resume Wizard in Word. Resume Wizard offers a variety of templates from functional to reverse chronological style resumes and all you have to do is fill in the blanks with your experience.
3) About.com is another great website that offers a variety of free sample resumes and cover letters to assist you with your job search.
4) Indeed.com: Indeed is a fabulous website that is powered by Google and allows you to search thousands of different job posting websites all at once. Indeed also gives you the option to post your resume for employers to see and to email yourself a list of any hot jobs that might meet your search criteria first thing every morning.
5) Find a good recruiter in your field. You can do this by Googling your specialty area such as “legal” and the word “staffing” and your city. A lot of companies are hiring through recruiters right now because they prefer to hire employees who start off as temps. We have had 6 temporary employees get hired just in the  past 3 weeks.
6) Brush up on your skills. A lot of companies are now testing you on things such as Word, Spelling, Excel, Typing & PowerPoint. It is important that your skills are up to par. You might want to start by practicing your typing at www.typingtest.com and find a local Worksource Center where you can brush up on your technical skills.
7) Inthecalendar.com is a great website that lists a variety of networking events within 20 miles of your house. It is important to get out and go to a variety of networking events since 80% of jobs are found through word of mouth. You also may want to try www.meetup.com.
8) Use alumni and professional networks to find out about jobs that might not be posted on the job boards. 
9) Find good blogs with great interviewing tips. You can use Google to find top interviewing advice websites and/or find career coaches who can help you fine tune your interviewing skills.
10) Old colleagues and classmates can be a great resource for helping you find your next position. Don’t be afraid to use Facebook to reach out to people you already know and see if they can offer potential resources for you with your job search.

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