Formatting your resume effectively

The most important thing in a resume is good formatting, followed by strong writing skills. If a resume is poorly formatted, no matter how well it is written, it will be dismissed. I typically delete any resumes that do not offer clean, easy to read formatting. This means: “Summary of Qualifications” at the top. The Summary of Qualifications can be anywhere from 2-5 sentences that clearly depict why you are qualified for the position. This should be followed by “Work Experience.” Your Work Experience should include strong action verbs followed by examples of your PEP. PEP is short for Productivity, Efficiency and Performance and is a term I have coined. It is important that you use bullets to draw out the reader’s attention and that your dates are lined up on the right hand side of the page with your employer’s name and your title on the left.
Finally, you want to have an “Education” and a “Skills” section. The Education portion should clearly list any Degrees you have attained, but does not have to include the dates that you attained those Degrees. The Skills section should list all of the relevant computer skills that you possess.
Avoid having a “Hobby” or “Interest” section, as for the most part employers don’t care.

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