How can a stay at home Mom get back into the workplace?

I was recently asked for suggestions on what a stay at home Mom/Dad can do to get back into the workplace. Whether you were a stay at home Mom/Dad or you just decided to take some time off from your field, it is never too late to get back on the saddle. The biggest obstacle is knowing where to start. Below are my top 10 suggestions of what you can do to reintegrate yourself into the workplace after having been out of the field for a few years.

1) Try MomCorps. They are a recruiting company that specializes in placing stay at home moms in part-time jobs and/or full time jobs for those who are looking to get back into the workplace.
2) Start by volunteering, if you are not already, to refresh your skills and have something to add to your resume. If you already volunteer, be sure to incorporate any skills you have gained from volunteering into your resume
3) Get out and network. 80% of jobs are found through word of mouth and you might have more luck reaching out to your old business associates and/or acquaintances to see who might be in need of someone with your skills
4) Brush up your office skills such as typing, Word, Excel etc… You can do this by going to the Microsoft Store for classes or you can ask an agency to send you online tutorials for free. Additionally, you can also find other online resources that can train and develop you.
5) Go back to school, if you have not already, and get yourself trained in a specialized field such as teaching, nursing or becoming a paralegal. A lot of these specialty schools offer internships while you are in school that can lead to full time jobs.
6) Put together a profile on Linkedin. Your profile should summarize your skills, have a picture, and any past work history. Additionally, if you can get a few written recommendations on Linkedin, that will also help incentivize people to want to hire you.
7) Find a product or service you believe in that you can sell from home or on the side. There are some good MLM companies that are very friendly towards people who have been out of the work place and stay at home moms. Two of the top ones I recommend that I have personally vetted are World Ventures (which is a Costco-like travel company) that requires a minimal initial investment and great growth opportunities. Melaleuca is another great MLM that promotes green products that moms love and already use so it is easy to sell and become a representative.
8) Start your own business in a field that interests you. You could go into catering, open a consulting company, or any number of other specialty service companies in your community.
9) Start a blog. Whether you are looking to get back into an old field or start in a new field, blogging is a great way to set yourself up as an expert in that field.
10) Put together a resume and start applying the old fashioned way through online postings. One of my favorite websites that will save you a lot of time and energy is Indeed is powered by Google and searches EVERY website, anywhere on the web for position that meet your search criteria. The only website it does not pick up is Craigslist. You can also set yourself up with daily email alerts for a variety of jobs in a variety of fields. This way you can get a sense of what areas are hot and hiring.

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