Top 5 Do’s & Don’ts on your Resume


  1. Add your Linkedin URL to your resume if you have a well put together Linkedin profile and recommendations on your profile
  2. Have a summary of what makes you qualified (objectives are obsolete for the most part in today’s market) listed at the top of your resume
  3. Have a well formatted resume with: Position Title and Company listed on the left, dates aligned on the right and experience bulleted out
  4. List strong adverbs, such as facilitated, managed, organized etc… followed by your accomplishments, including where you have increased PEP (Productivity, Efficiency & Performance) of your past organizations
  5. Spell check your resume and have someone else look it over for grammatical, punctuation and/or formatting errors

  1. List your reference contact information on your resume
  2. Include a picture or any bizarre graphics (unless you are in graphic design or related field)
  3. Use ALL CAPS or all italics to write your resume
  4. Lie about ANYTHING on your resume because it can all be verified
  5. Use different fonts and/or different sizes in the same sections. For example, if your sections titles such as “Experience” or “Skills” are in size 18 Ariel and bold, then that should be the same for every section head. The same goes for the font and size used for your bullet points.

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