Breaking down your salary

A lot of job seekers do not realize the importance of knowing their salary and how to break it down to a potential employer in an interview. Whether you are working with a recruiter or applying directly with a company, it is your responsibility to clearly communicate your current salary. If this is not clearly communicated to the employer or recruiter during the interview process and/or on the application, you can easily have your offer rescinded if the numbers don’t match up.

Example: If you tell a potential employer that you make $65,000 a year, when in reality, you have a base of $60,000, a bonus of $3,000, and $2,000 worth of overtime, you can have your offer rescinded when the employer or recruiter goes to verify this information.
The way to avoid this is to clearly breakdown your salary on the application into: Base + Bonus + OT + any additional benefits that might be monetary in nature such as 401k or profit sharing contribution.
Not every application gives room to break this all down, so in a worse case scenario, only list your base salary and then clearly explain if/when asked the breakdown of your salary in more detail, but DO NOT just lump everything together on an application without a clear breakdown.
By doing this you will avoid any confusion regarding your compensation and will ensure your offer is secure once it is made to you.

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