10 ways to make yourself indispensable in the Workplace

1) Whoever you work for, make their life easier
2) Conduct yourself with impeccable integrity which includes to do what is asked of you, but more importantly, do all of the things you know you should do, but were not asked to do additionally
3) Listen to what is being asked of you/Answer the question that is being asked of you
4) ALWAYS be reliable and on time
5) Be the type of person who your boss could trust to run things while they are out of the office
6) ALWAYS be the one that others go to for help and be helpful at all times
7) Anticipate the needs of your boss/Take initiative
8) Know your product, know your client, and know your services better then everyone else in your office
9) Always be learning-this includes taking continuing education classes and keeping up with the latest trends by reading articles, journals and books in your industry
10) ALWAYS display a pleasant attitude and be the type of person that others want to be around

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