The Key is Confidence

There is a fine line that you must walk in an interview between being cocky and confident. No one wants to hire someone who is so full of themselves that they are self-absorbed. At the same time, the employer needs to know what skills you bring to the table that will make you an asset to their company. So what can you do to exude confidence in your next interview? Below are five easy tricks that will help you come across as more confident in your next interview.

1) A firm handshake-this simple trick is the oldest in the book, but often times a handshake is your first chance to exude confidence.
2) Good eye contact-this can be the trickiest one for a lot of people. Most people look away when answering a question. This is why preparation is key. Always practice answering interview questions in advance by looking at yourself in the mirror while answering or working with a partner to help you keep your eye contact focused while answering tricky questions.
3) Speak slowly and clearly-being articulate does not have to be hard. You can come across as articulate and confident by taking time to think through your answer and speaking slowly and intentionally so that the other person will get the impact of what you are saying.
4) Good posture-body language can often convey more then words. From the moment you walk into an interview you want to make sure that you are standing up straight, and when seated, always sit up straight and lean in towards the interviewer rather then sitting back casually.
5) Prepare-nothing with give you more confidence in an interview then proper preparation. Always research a firm and come up with a MINIMUM of 5 reasons why they should want to hire you, 5 reasons why you want to work for them and 5 questions regarding the position. 
The better prepared you are the more confident you will come across and the more likely you will be to ACE your next interview!

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