Skills vs. Attitude

What is more important in this market: skills or attitude? 
The interesting thing I have noticed as a recruiter is that the better someone’s attitude is, the more likely they are to be hired. Noticing this fact, I surveyed numerous human resources professionals who hire job seekers through me (both temporary and permanent) about whether they would prefer someone with stronger skills or a better attitude and they unanimously answered that attitude trumped skills.
What does attitude mean? What my clients mean by having a good attitude are the following:
  1. Always be willing to pitch in and help out your peers or your bosses
  2. NEVER complain or gossip
  3. Have a pleasant demeanor, including smiling and being upbeat about things, especially when there is a problem or challenge
  4. Nothing is too big or too small a task for you to handle
  5. Never leave someone hanging on a project or assignment (ie. not following through)
If you focus on following the five areas listed above, your attitude will automatically improve and both employers and others will gravitate towards you and want to hire you.
Skill do still play an important role in some positions, but it is your Skills multiplied by your Attitude that gets you the job.
(Good Skills) X (Good Attitude) = Employment
*This also holds true for keeping a job and preventing yourself from being disposable.

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