How does your first impression shape your interview?

In an interview, an employer comes up with an assessment about you within the first 10 seconds of when they meet you. This assessment then shapes HOW that employer interviews you. If the employer assesses you to be someone who is professional and trustworthy, then they are going to ask you questions and listen to you through the lens of someone who is trustworthy and professional.
If the employer assesses you to be someone who is unreliable and lacking composure, then the employer’s questions they ask you and how they listen to you will be colored by that judgement. So how do you make the first 10 seconds you have with an employer count?
  1. Smile + a positive attitude (leave your problems/concerns at home!). An authentic smile is the universal signal that puts people at ease and makes them comfortable with you. In addition, a positive attitude makes others want to be around you and get to know you better.
  2. A firm, but friendly handshake. Stay away from the dead-fish handshake or even worse, the bone-cruncher hand-shake. Instead, go with a firm, but warm handshake while looking the person in the eyes
  3. Use open body language. Do not cross your arms or  your legs, as this puts a barrier between you and the person you are meeting with. Also be careful of fidgeting
  4. Make sure you are dressed to impress. A few rules to follow: simple jewelry, if any or a nice watch if you are a man (NO visible body piercings [except possibly earrings] or tattoos); a conservative, pressed suit in black, grey or navy (pant or skirt suit is acceptable for women so long as you do NOT show cleavage and you DO wear a bra); very little if any cologne/perfume (too heavy of a scent can turn an employer off); a tie if you are a man; an understated purse/bag or briefcase (be careful you do not have too much in your hands as this can make you appear cluttered and disorganized)
  5. A clean, sharp hair cut or style with natural looking make-up if you are a woman. It is important that your hair is gelled, blow-dryed, or pulled back. Frizzy, unstyled or unwashed hair can leave a bad first impression by making you appear unkempt
If you follow the above 5 rules, you will be on your way to making a positive first impression.

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