Helping recent graduates get hired…

If you are a recent college graduate, chances are that you might be struggling finding a job in this market. Even though we have seen an increase over the last two years of recent college graduates being hired, the numbers are still drastically lower then they were five years ago. So how can you can put everything you learned to use and find yourself a position in this market?
Social Media. Social Media is the answer to many things in today’s market. It can be a wonderful tool that can give you access to employers and jobs that you might not otherwise attain. Of the top three social media sites, Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin, I find Linkedin to be the most valuable resource in helping recent graduates get hired (or anyone for that matter).
What steps can you take using Linkedin to get yourself hired?
  1. Research potential companies you would like to work at using Linkedin and see if you have any connections or contacts there. If so, reach out to those contacts to ask for an introduction. If you do not have any connections at a particular company, you can use Linkedin to research the names of hiring managers or people in the department you want to get in to. From there you can reach out to those individuals directly to ask for a job.
  2. Another possible way to utilize Linkedin contacts is to call those individuals at companies who are in the industry you want to get into and request to interview them for an e-book or blog you could write about the industry. This can be a very innovative way to get your foot in the door and make connections with key people in your industry. By working on a blog or book it will open doors for you to find people to speak with in your industry. This will also help to automatically set you up as an expert in your field of choice and will help you to learn more about your chosen industry.
  3. Research your competition on Linkedin and look up the job you want. Research a person’s background  who has the job you want and take note of their skills and background for ideas of other companies you may want to look at applying at. Additionally, notice the skills they list and be sure to incorporate any of those skills that you posses already into your resume or if you don’t already have those skills, ask yourself how you can go about getting those skills to make yourself more credible and employable.
These few ideas can greatly increase your effectiveness in finding your next position whether you a recent graduate or looking to jump start your career in a new field.

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