Help Recruiters Help You!

In order for recruiters to be effective at placing you, we need your help. There are a few things you can do to help us get you a job:
If you are looking for a job, the following things can help recruiters help you in your search:
-Clearly communicate with your recruiter about what you want so that your recruiter doesn’t waste your time by sending you on positions that are not the right fit for you
-Clearly communicate any and all feedback, both good and bad, following any interview so that we can help negotiate and get you the job if you want it or gracefully decline if you are not interested
-Let your recruiter know well in advance if there is a potential issue with your background check such as bad credit or a DUI. It is better for a recruiter to let the client company know about an issue up front if an offer is to be made and typically if the company is alerted early enough, the issue is not a big deal as long as you are honest about it
-NEVER lie to your recruiter
-Let your recruiter know about any pre-exisiting vacations so that we can alert an employer if necessary
-Be sure you can provide a minimum of at least one reference and ideally 3-5 references that can be called. Reference letters are useless in today’s day and age. If you cannot provide a reference, you might not be able to be hired.
-Be clear with your recruiter about what your preferred hours are and if there might be any schedule conflicts with a potential job or special circumstances that you require
-Be clear with your recruiter about what your ideal salary is and what your bottom line salary is. It is a recruiter’s job to negotiate you top dollar
-Always be on time and research the company you are interviewing with in advance.
Additional things you can do to help a recruiter help you if you are unemployed. These additional things can help us place you in a temporary to hire or temporary situation:
-Let your recruiter know if and when you are available for temporary or temporary to hire assignments. Often the people who check in with us once a week are the ones who get called first for a job. Email is always preferable.
-Be extremely flexible and accommodating on the first day of any temporary or temporary to hire assignment. This includes offering to help others, asking questions, and NOT complaining about anything unless you are doing so directly with your recruiter and not the employer. Keep in mind, you are not hired until an offer is made
-Do not ever bring up benefits or salary on a temporary assignment. If an employer brings these things up with you, that is acceptable, but it is inappropriate for you to broach the subject directly with the employer
-Do not push the employer to hire you directly. This typically turns the employer off. Always communicate directly with your recruiter regarding the status of your employment
-If you are ever going to be late or out, always call your recruiter to let them know

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