What are employers looking for?

Can you do the job?

Do you have the right skills for the job?
Do you fit into the environment/culture of the company?
If you can effectively communicate that you can do the job and that you have the right skills and that you can fit in, then the job is yours. So why do most people not get hired?
What people often do in the interview is GIVE employers reasons not to hire them. The average person has the right skills and could do the job, but they share inappropriate information during the interview. Below are some examples of inappropriate things to discuss in an interview that will cause the employer to not want to hire you:
1) Sharing medical information, such as the fact that you were on a recent medical leave
2) Sharing information that is personal, such as the fact that your are divorced and going through a hard time
3) Sharing information that is covered under the federal discrimination laws (EEOC), such as information related to your age, race, sexual orientation etc…
4) Complaining about past employers and exhibiting a negative attitude about anything in general
5) Sharing confidential information about your past employer that is not meant for public knowledge
These are just a few examples of things you could discuss that would give employers a reason to NOT want to hire you.
Keep this in mind in your next interview and remember to use discretion!

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