Top 5 Social Media tips for job hunters

1) Put together a Linkedin profile that includes Linkedin recommendations and include your Linkedin URL on your resume

2) Join a minimum of 20 groups on Linkedin and start discussions in your speciality area to set yourself up as an expert in your field with a group of your peers
3) Follow your favorite recruiters and companies on Linkedin/Twitter and/or Facebook to stay aware of the latest job postings
4) Use Twitter to start conversations with people in your field who you wouldn’t normally have access to
5) Maximize your connections on Facebook, Twitter and/or Linkedin by asking your friends and business associates for job leads (always use the 30/30/30 rule when doing this: 30%
personal, 30% offering resources such as interesting articles and 30% about
your job search such as requests for introductions)

The TOP 15 things NOT to wear on an interview

There are many job seekers who still do not know what is appropriate and what is not appropriate to wear in an interview. Often times, something as simple as what you wear can get you passed on for a position.

Here is my list of the TOP 15 things NOT to wear in an interview:
1) Denim! It is never, ever appropriate to wear denim to an interview
2) A short skirt
3) A t-shirt
4) A dress or blouse that shows any sort of cleavage
5) Dangly jewelry (this can distract the person you are interviewing with)
6) Carrying a back-pack or big bulky bag
7) Headphones or sunglasses or a cell phone earpiece
8) Facial or body piercings or visible tattoos, including earrings on men (small earrings are OK for women) or heavy make-up
9) Brightly colored or overly patterned clothing (this includes “Hawaiian Shirts”)
10) Long acrylic nails
11) Overly baggy or ill-fitting clothes (it makes you look frumpy)
12) Stained clothes or wrinkled clothes
13) Scuffed shoes or too high of heels if you are a woman or flip flops
14) YOU MUST WEAR SOCKS if you are a man and they MUST match
15) A heavy fragrance or perfume-this can lose you the position