How to effectively work with Recruiters

What are the things you need to know about how to effectively work with a Recruiter:

1. Don’t be afraid to use your recruiter as a resource to find out information about the market. Recruiters have their fingers on the pulse of what is happening with their niche market.

2. Always be 100% honest with your recruiter about everything from your academic credentials to your past employment. If a recruiter finds out you lied to them, they will likely not work with you again or worse, black-list you.

3. Work with your recruiter to help them understand your ideal job that way they don’t waste your time by sending you out on positions that are not the right fit. Come up with your own “Wishlist” and work with your recruiter on making sure they understand what is on your “Wishlist”

4. ALWAYS keep a running list of where your resume was sent and by whom it was sent. This includes even your own resume submissions. The only time you should not know where your resume has been sent is if it was submitted for a confidential position.

5. SCREEN YOUR RECRUITERS-there are good recruiters and there are bad recruiters out there. It is fine to work with more then one recruiter, but be careful who you choose to represent you. 

6. Expect that your recruiter will likely call you anywhere from a couple of times a week to once a month depending on how hot your industry is.

7. Most recruiters should prepare you for interviews by giving you inside information about what to expect and interview tips, but not all do.

8. You will be expected to meet with a recruiter in person and in some cases they may test you if you are more junior or if the client requires it. If you are looking to get a position out of area then you should get Skype so that you can interview with out of state recruiters.  

9. DO NOT waste your time or your recruiter’s time by going on interviews that are not of interest to you. If a recruiter presents an opportunity to you that does not interest you, DO NOT have them submit your resume in the first place. Also, if you are confirmed for an interview, you must give at least 24 hours notice to cancel the interview (unless an emergency comes up), however, cancelling interviews in general can make you appear flakey and unreliable. If you cancel or reschedule more then one interview, a recruiter may not want to represent you again.

10. Recruiters will negotiate your salary and will present you opportunities as they arise. Be clear with your recruiter about your current compensation and what you expect to be compensated in your next position.

11. Do not expect your recruiters to always call you. There may be 100 or more recruiters in Los Angeles, however, there are thousands of job seekers. The phone goes both ways and don’t be afraid to check in every now and again.

12. Do not take it personally if you recruiter does not call you for a position that they called someone else for. They may have not gotten around to calling you yet or they might not have thought it was the best fit for you based on your “Wishlist.”

13. Call or email your recruiter once a week to check in if you are unemployed or every other week if you are employed.

14. Always check your recruiter’s website for new postings and email them if you see something that might be a fit or that would potentially interest you.

15. RECRUITERS DO NOT WORK FOR YOU THEY WORK FOR THE COMPANIES WHO ARE PAYING THEM. It is important to remember that recruiters work for free for the job seekers and that we do our best to accommodate everyone that we can. Please be considerate and respectful of a recruiters time when working with them and if you treat your recruiter well they can be your best ally.

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