What is missing?

What is missing? Why is it some people seem to have all the luck when finding jobs? What are the key contributing factors that differentiates those who get hired from those who don’t?

The number one reason people do not get hired when they go in for an interview is a lack of proper preparation. A few years ago you could get away without being properly prepared because there were an abundance of open jobs. Now that the market has shifted and there are more people looking then jobs available, you really have to bring your A-game if you expect to get an offer. Spend at least 30 minutes to an hour researching the firm and the position before you go in for your interview.

The second reason people do not get hired is because they misrepresent their skills on their resume. Lately, this has been happening a lot of more often. People are getting desperate and starting to blatantly lie about their skills on their resume.  Employers are quick to realize when a candidate has fluffed up their skills and doing so will definitely hurt you. PLEASE-be honest on your resume. It does no good to lie.

The third reason people do not get the job offer is a lack of professionalism in the interview. This can mean the way you dress, the way you act and/or your overall appearance and demeanor. I just had someone go in for an interview recently where she looked at her reflection in the window during the duration of the interview. I have also had people who just have a bad attitude who get passed on and also have seen many people lose job offers over something as simple as not wearing a suit.

Keep these three things in mind the next time you get ready to go in for an interview. Always prepare, be 100% honest about your skills and bring you best attitude and wear your best suit the next time you have an interview.