Top 10 Interview Do’s & Don’ts


Show up 15 minutes early
Bring 3 copies of your resume and of your references
Thoroughly and completely fill out your application
Dress professionally
Listen intentionally for what the employer is saying, as well as what they are not
Bring your best attitude (no complaining about past employers)
Prepare yourself for the interview
Have a firm handshake and good eye contact throughout the interview
Take occasional notes during the interview
Send “thank you” letters


Bring too much with you to the interview (you do not want to be distracted by having too many bags, props etc…)
Take excessive notes, which can distract the interviewer
Interrupt the interviewer!
Justify or defend why you left your last position-keep it upbeat and positive
Memorize and repeat information from your resume, keep it original and interesting
Bring up salary or benefits
Pretend you know something you don’t
Chew or eat anything during your interview! (unless of course it is a lunch interview)
Wear perfume, scented lotion, or any distracting colors or jewelry

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