Should you send a “Thank You” Letter?

I often get asked by job seekers whether or not they should send a “thank you” letter after their interview. The answer is always YES! I highly recommend sending at least one, if not two “thank you” letters. Ideally, you should send one “thank you” letter via email the same day as your interview. Then, you should send a follow up, hand-written “thank you” letter via snail mail the day after your interview. This way the company will think of you at least twice after the interview.

The next question I get asked is: What should go into the “thank you” letter? The answer is simple, keep it short, sweet and to the point. Below is a sample of a generic “thank you” letter. I would encourage you to modify it and make it your own or come up with your own version that expresses you.

Dear Mr. Jones,

It was a pleasure meeting with you today. I thoroughly enjoyed discussing the position you have available at ABC company. After speaking with you in depth about the position, I am even more interested in the opportunity. I think my skills make me uniquely qualified for this position and I think I could be a tremendous asset to your team.  I look forward to being a resource for your company.

Thank you again for the opportunity to interview with your company.

Jennifer K. Hill

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