My biggest pet peeve as a recruiter…

When you are beginning to consider going out on interviews and you are currently working, it is critical that you set aside time for these interviews. One of the most frustrating things for a recruiter is to push a candidate in for an interview, and have the candidate come back and say they cannot make it. When you are looking for a job you need to make yourself available during regular business hours Monday through Friday between 8am-6pm. On very rare occasions, an employer might be flexible and see you early in the morning or after work, however, most companies need you to interview during work hours.

If you ask a recruiter to submit you for a position and they are able to get you an interview, it is very important to make the time to go. Most companies will give you options of several different days and times that you can go. If you do not wind up going on the interview that a recruiter or company has set up for you then it can reflect poorly on you as a job seeker and that company may not be willing to consider your background again.

If you cannot set aside some time for interviews, then you are probably not ready to start your job hunt.

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5 thoughts on “My biggest pet peeve as a recruiter…”

  1. This is great advice! However this brings up a question I’ve always had. If you are currently employed and looking for a job, how do you approach your current employer for time off for the interview? In my experience interviews are not scheduled very far in advance and most employers like notice when asking for time off (regardless of the reason). What is your advice to job seekers? Specifically do you suggest they be honest with their employer about their job search.

  2. Jerah,

    That is a good question. When you are looking to interview there are really only two options when it comes to taking time off for interviews.

    1) You can use sick and/or vacation time for interviews (which is what most people job hunting do)


    2) You can try to interview on your lunch break. Most employers are OK with conducting interviews during the lunch hour. This can be the easiest way not to have to cover up when you are interviewing.

    I hope this helps!

  3. This is perfect and answers my question. My next question: Do you recommend letting your employer know you are looking for a new job?

  4. NEVER mention to your employer you are looking. That is the kiss of death 99% of the time. If you tell them you are looking they will immediately begin to look for your replacement. In very rare cases, it might be appropriate if you are really close with your boss and trust that they will not let you go, but otherwise I would not suggest telling your employer you are looking.

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