Be Memorable

   This week we are going to look at the top 3 reasons people do not get the job. One of the top 3 reasons people do not get the job is very simple, they are not memorable. You might be asking yourself what would being memorable have to do with getting the job, I am here to tell you that it has EVERYTHING to do with getting the job. I personally interview anywhere from 5-20 people a week. Some weeks I remember almost everyone and other weeks I can barely recall who I met.
   The same is true of employers. They see hundreds of job seeker resumes for every open position, and then interview anywhere from 5-20 people on average. If you are up against anywhere from 5 to 20 other people in any average interview situation then you better bring your A-game. So how do you make yourself memorable?

1) Get a career coach or a friend to help you practice your answers to interview questions. I cannot begin to tell you how many times my eyes have glossed over during an interview when I hear the same old answers to every interview question. Add some “PEP” to your interview question answers. To find out more about PEP go to:

2) Dress to impress. Dress sharp, but do not over do it with loud colors or accessories. A job seeker I recently placed came in to interview with me one day and he blew my socks off. He had on a very sharp suit and tie, nothing over the top, but I was immediately struck by how professional he came across. Needless to say, my client was equally impressed.

3) Finally, it is important to remember that ATTITUDE is EVERYTHING! You can be extremely well dressed and very articulate, however, if your attitude does not match everything else, you will quickly fade into the background. It is important to be confident, but NOT cocky. You should also be extremely eager to get the position, but not desperate. It is a very fine line, but when properly balanced, you will always be the one who stands out!

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