Mixing & Mingling

What do job seekers who get hired have in common? They do not sit around and wait for someone to hire them! Rather then sitting around waiting for the perfect opportunity to fall into their lap, they go out and network with people who can help them land their next position.

How do you know what events to attend or where to meet people? There are a variety of events that you can go to which can help you land your next job. In some cases, you might want to go to specific job hunter meetings such as Pink Slip Mixers or Challenger Group meetings. In other situations, you might want to attend business mixers such as Chamber of Commerce meetings or Viral Publicity gatherings. If you are looking for an informal way to get together with people who have similar interests to you then you might want to check out Meetup Groups

For a full list of networking opportunities in your area please go to: http://www.meetingsandmixers.com

Regardless of where you go to network, the idea is to get yourself out there and start connecting. There are hundreds of networking events happening in Los Angeles every month. I recommend attending at least one networking event a week if you are unemployed, or at least 2 a month if you are currently working.

Remember, 80% of jobs are filled through word of mouth!

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