Why use Twitter in your job search?

What is Twitter, and why should I use it for my job search?

Twitter is a FREE social networking and micro-blogging service that allows people to communicate through 140 characters or less, otherwise known as their tweets. Twitter gives people a chance to network and communicate with millions of people world-wide. Some people use their tweets to share simple every day things such as where they are or what they are doing at that moment, however, job seekers are beginning to realize the value of utilizing Twitter in their job search. Below are the top 5 reasons you should be using Twitter to enhance your job search efforts:

1) Get up to the minute updates on hot jobs! A job seeker can now be alerted through Twitter the moment a hot new job is posted by getting on websites like www.tweetmyjobs.com, www.jobshouts.com, and/or by following recruiters at various agencies and companies.  

2) Each tweet is treated as its own individual web page by Google. This means that what you say on Twitter will automatically help raise your Google ranking (especially if you use your first and last name as your Twitter User name), so make what you say meaningful!

3) Be seen as an expert in your field. Are you transitioning into a new career or do you have less experience than your competition? If so, it has never been easier to establish yourself as an expert by tweeting about relevant topics in your field.

4) Get connected. 80% of jobs are found by word of mouth, and of the 80% of people who find jobs by word of mouth, a majority of those people find their jobs through acquaintances, not close friends!

5) Use your tweets to let others know about your job search. It is great to connect with a lot of people and to be seen as an expert in your field, but you also need to let your followers know what you are looking for. Communicate with your followers by asking them for introductions to particular companies, and offer your connections or knowledge as a resource in return!