Volunteer Experience

When you Volunteer, should you add your volunteer experience to your resume?


There are two possible situations:

1) In the first situation, you may still be employed and be looking for another job. If the volunteer work you are doing while working is NOT in the field that you are looking to get into, then you do not need to list the volunteer work as a position on your resume. In that situation, your volunteer work can go at the bottom of your resume under accomplishments, hobbies, interests, groups, associations etc… If you are doing volunteer work in a field that you currently have no experience in, and are looking to transition into, then it is a good idea to to list your volunteer work as an actual position under your “Work Experience.”

2) In the second situation, you are unemployed and looking for a job. The longer you have been out of work, the more important it is to show something on your resume to explain what you have been doing since your last job. This could be temporary or contract work, or if you volunteer, you can list your volunteer experience as your most recent position. Employers like to see that you have been doing something since you got laid off.

It is important to note that when you list your volunteer work on your resume you should put (Volunteer) next to your experience so that there is no confusion!

Remember, volunteer work can be just as important as paid work, especially when you are learning new and valuable skills.