The Final Part to giving a great Tell me about yourself (TMAY)

  The past two weeks we have talked about how to give a great “Tell me about yourself” or TMAY. The first week we discussed the importance of your “hook.” The hook portion of your TMAY is important because it requires you to engage your audience by capturing their attention, and getting them interested in what you have to say. The next portion of your TMAY is your “WHAT” statement. Your WHAT statement tells your audience a little bit more about what you do, and it allows you to delve into more of the specifics of what you have to offer. Now we are going to get into the final aspect of your TMAY, which is your “evidence.”
  Anyone can say that they can give the best massage or sell the best insurance package or offer the best legal advice, however, unless you can back that statement up with strong evidence that supports your case, what you say is worthless. The hook and the WHAT part of your TMAY are meaningless if you cannot provide an example that supports what it is your are promising. For example, if I were to tell you that I am the worlds best recruiter, and that I can find you a job in less then 3 months, however, I could not give you an example of where I have actually done this, then my hook and my WHAT statement are meaningless. Giving evidence as part of your TMAY is something that is often forgotten or overlooked. People will talk for hours about WHAT they do or they will make big promises to you about what they can provide, but when it comes to giving an example or evidence to support what they are saying, people fall flat.
 This is why having evidence is such an integral part of your TMAY. When you are considering what your hook is going to be, you should first think about an example that you have that backs up your hook statement. For example, if I tell you that I can help job seekers land the perfect 6 figure job in less then 6 months, I would then want to make sure that I can illustrate this point through a recent example of where I was successful such as: “In one of the slowest months of the year, December, I was able to help two different job seekers land 6 figure jobs.” This would be my evidence to back up my hook. A great way to come up with strong evidence is to make a list of achievements in your line of work. Doing this will help give you the foundation for a great TMAY!

Remember, the formula to an effective TMAY is as follows:

HOOK+WHAT+EVIDENCE= A great TMAY that will get you the job and/or the client!

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