The 2nd Part to giving a good Tell Me About Yourself (TMAY)

    Last week we covered how to give a good hook in your TMAY. This week I want to talk about what comes after a great hook. Once you have your audience hooked, whether in an interviewing situation or a networking situation, the next step is to say a bit more about WHAT you do, without having them lose interest. Where people falter is when it comes to discussing WHAT they do in an interesting and informative way. Your hook starts by telling them about the problem that you solve and the group of people that you solve it for, and then your WHAT statement should expound upon your hook in more detail. Below is an example of my hook and my WHAT statement:
    “You know how millions of Americans are struggling because they are out of work and cannot find a job? Well what I do is I coach them on how to land the perfect 6 figure job in less then 3 months.” (Hook) “How I do this is by determining the individuals strengths and weaknesses, helping them in creating a personalized Wishlist and daily declaration, and then creating a personalized 3 month coaching program that facilitates the person landing their dream job.” (WHAT)
    Notice how I do not go into too much depth with my WHAT statement. Your WHAT statement should be short, sweet and to the point. People can often lose interest if you go too much into the technical aspect of WHAT you do to quickly. Your WHAT statement should only be 1-3 sentences at the very most and should paint a broad picture of how you solve the problem you mentioned in your hook. Once you have done your hook and your WHAT statement, there is only one more step to perfecting your TMAY.
    Check back next week to see what the last step is in giving a great TMAY.

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