Giving a great hook to your Tell Me About Yourself (TMAY)

   Your Tell Me About Yourself (TMAY) statement could be one of the most important things you ever say. Giving a great TMAY can open many doors for you and can help you land your dream job or business deal! What makes a great TMAY? One of the most critical elements of your TMAY is your “hook.” If you have a good hook the rest flows easily. How do you create a good hook?
   Creating your hook does not have to be hard work. There is a very simple and easy to use formula to quickly capture the attention of your audience. Here is what the formula looks like:”You know how X? Well what I do is Y.” The idea is that you start off by describing a problem that a group of people faces (X), and then you explain how you solve that problem in a unique, effective and memorable way (Y). The reason you want to do this is that most people start off by telling you WHAT they do, instead of telling you how they can solve your problem. When you talk to people in terms of problem/solution they become much more engaged and interested in what you have to say!
   My hook to my TMAY looks something like this “You know how millions of Americans are struggling right now because they are out of work? Well what I do is coach them on how to land the perfect 6 figure job in less then 6 months.” It is simple and to the point, but at the same time powerful. I was saying my TMAY to someone at a coffee shop, and the person standing next to them overheard me and asked me for my business card. I later wound up coaching that person on their career all because they overheard my TMAY statement.
   If you want to know if your TMAY is effective, practice it! The next time you go to a party or networking event and someone asks you what you do, say ONLY your hook and shut up. If you have said your hook well and intrigued your audience, there will always be a follow up question such as “How do you do that?” or “Tell me more about that.” It is a great way to gauge how effective your hook is. If someone immediately loses interest after your hook, then you know you have to go back and re-work it.
   Check back next week to find out the second part to a great TMAY statement!

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