Where do I even start?

Are you just starting your job search or are you confused about where to start? Not knowing how or where to look for a job is one of the biggest obstacles most job seekers face in their job search. So where do you begin?

There are a few things that you should do to get started with your job search:

1) Create a Wishlist of exactly what you are looking for in your next position. It is important to know what you want and what you are willing to accept so that when the right opportunity arises you will be able to recognize it. A Wishlist should be comprised of things such as: Salary, Benefits, Environment, Location, Company Culture, Hours, Title, etc…

2) Write a great resume that effectively presents the value you have to offer a company. I am not a huge fan of posting your resume on www.monster.com or www.careerbuilder.com, however that is up to you.

3) Get on www.indeed.com and set yourself up with email alerts for different positions in your area. If you are an executive assistant you might want to set up 3 or 4 searches that say things such as “executive secretary AND Los Angeles”, “executive assistant AND Los Angeles”, and “administrative assistant AND Los Angeles”.

4) Set yourself up with a profile on www.linkedin.com. You want to make sure you have a picture and at least one recommendation. In addition, you want to have a full profile including a summary, and all of your past positions listed. If you are unemployed, you might want to consider posting your full resume on Linkedin through their application Box.net. If you do choose to do this, please be sure to omit your address and only leave your phone number and email address on your resume. Linkedin is quickly becoming the go to tool for both recruiters and hiring managers. Hiring managers and recruiters will reach out to you directly regarding positions. If you are employed, it is perfectly acceptable to have a profile on Linkedin, and it is a great way to passively job hunt.

5) Find yourself a recruiter. If you are someone who specializes in a particular field, having a recruiter can be a great resource for you. You may want to meet with 3 or 4 recruiters to efficiently choose who you want to represent you. It is perfectly acceptable to have more than 1 recruiter working with you, however, it is important that you keep meticulous track of where you resume has been sent.

6) Begin submitting your resume to positions you see on websites such as www.craigslist.com, www.indeed.com, www.jobshouts.com, www.linkedin.com and any other places you may find a job. It is critical that you keep a running list of where your resume has been sent, by whom it was sent (ie. you or a recruiter), when it was sent, and what position it was sent for.

7) Attend networking events. Networking events are one of the best ways to find a new position. 80% of positions are filled through word of mouth. Of the 80% of positions that are filled by word of mouth, a majority are filled by acquaintances and not by close friends or colleagues. Work on your “Tell me about yourself” statement and get out there and start meeting people.

8) Brush up on your interviewing skills. Getting the interview is half the battle. The other half the battle is not talking yourself out of the position. Find a Career Coach or a friend who can help you prepare for your interviews.

I hope this helps and best of luck in your job search!

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