How do you reinvigorate a Stale Job?

I have spent the last year doing research on a book about what it takes for people to find a job they love and be successful in it. What is missing for most people when they get stuck in a rut is the fact that they have lost the passion for their job. Passion is one of the most critical elements that was mentioned in every interview I did for my book. If you are not passionate and excited about what you do, you will begin to feel stagnant and resentful towards your employer, however, often times it is not the employer’s fault. Sometimes, people just lose sight of their goals and what they are committed to in their lives.

Below is what I would recommend to reinvigorate a stale job:

1) Take inventory of your most valuable skills (communication, writing, selling, organizing etc…) and begin to look at what aspects of your job you most enjoy (traveling, planning, working with clients). You can do this by making a “Wishlist” of what your ideal job would look like. Your ideal job does not simply mean money and title, it also means things such as environment, job duties, travel etc… Look at both the tangible and intangible things.

2) Then begin to look at what is missing in your job, ie. money, challenge, more interaction with customers and so forth that would make a difference in your current career.

3) From there, go out and interview at least 5 people in your life and ask them questions about where you have surprised them, disappointed them, where they feel you could improve, etc…Doing this will help to give you a realistic idea of what you are good at and what you need to work on. You can interview co-workers, family members, or acquaintances. 

4) Once you have done the above steps, begin to formulate a 5 year strategy of where you see yourself and what sort of career path you need to get on. Perhaps your original position inspired you when you first started in it 6 years ago, but now you have lost sight of what your end goal was.

5) Finally, once you have created a 5 year strategy, work your way backwards year by year of how you got yourself to your 5 year goal. In doing this, many people will begin to feel re-inspired about their current career or perhaps realize that they need to start moving in a different direction.

The bottom line is, if you are not passionate about what you do, you will always find yourself dissatisfied with your job.

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