What do recruiters look for in your Linkedin profile?

As a recruiter, the primary tool I use to help me fill positions is Linkedin. I am consistently amazed by the quality and caliber of candidates who are now posting their profiles on Linkedin.  I would venture to say that Linkedin is soon going to replace websites such as Monster and CareerBuilder for company’s recruiting needs. If you want your profile to be found on Linkedin and you want to be the one called for opportunities, then there are a few key things you need to know about what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for:

1)   Do you have a profile picture? This is important because if you don’t have a picture it could make the hiring manager wonder what you are trying to hide. I get people who often ask me, “What if the company will use that picture to discriminate against me?” This is a valid concern. What I explain to job seekers is that if a company is going to discriminate against you based on a picture, they are going to be just as likely to discriminate against you when they meet you in person. Personally, I would not want to work for that type of company to begin with. Also, please be sure to post a PROFESSIONAL PICTURE.

2)   Do you have your email address clearly visible in your Linkedin profile? The ideal place to list your email address is in the same section as your name. Make it as easy as possible for me to find you! You can add your email address to ANY section of your Linkedin profile. Just make sure it is clearly visible.

3)   Do you have any recommendations? If you do not have any recommendations, I might be concerned about whether or not I should work with you. People who have recommendations linked to their Linkedin profile are much more likely to be approached about opportunities then those who do not.

4)   Do you have your Summary completely filled out, including the type of position you are looking for? Often times, I come across a Linkedin profile that does not have anything but the basics, ie. company, position & title. Not having your profile completely filled out makes it hard for a recruiter to ascertain whether or not you would be a fit for their position. Less is more does NOT apply to your Linkedin profile.

5)   Do you have your resume attached as a Box.net file? If you are not familiar with Box.net, it is a great application that Linkedin offers which allows you to upload Word documents or PDFs. You can use Box.net to upload your resume or letters of recommendation. Just be careful about listing too much personal information on your resume if you link it to Linkedin. At the very least, you should have your email address and a phone number.

If you follow these 5 simple tips, you will be 5x more likely to be approached by a recruiter or potential employer!

BONUS TIP: JOIN THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF GROUP THAT YOU ARE ALLOWED TO JOIN! You can join up to 50 groups, and joining groups is a great way to increase your visibility and find out about jobs in areas that interest you. Also, you DO NOT need to be connected with someone in a group to be able to email them You can send a FREE message to ANYONE who is a part of a group that you are also a part of.

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