The top 10 things that differentiates those who get hired from those who do not

What has one person get hired over another? Do you get theinterviews, but never get the offers? There are people getting hired in thistough economy, so the question becomes, how do you make yourself stand out from the millions of other people who are also looking for a job? Below is a list ofthe top 10 things that differentiates those who get hired from those who do not. 

People who get hired…

1) Research a firm thoroughly before their interview, andcreate a persuasive case for why they should be the one chosen for theposition.

2) Exhibit self-confidence and can provide at least 10 examplesof where they will increase the company’s productivity, effectiveness orperformance.

3) Have a minimum of 10 talking points prepared that supportthe case for why they should be hired and consistently utilize these pointsthroughout the interview to solidify their position.

4) Drive by the location of the interview in advance so thatthey will not get lost the day of the interview.

5) Give themselves an extra 30 minutes or more to account fortraffic, arrive early and review their notes before they go in.

6) Keep in touch with good contacts at old companies so it iseasy to provide outstanding references when requested.

7) Fill out their application thoroughly and completely andnever put “see attached resume” on their application.

8) Practice their interview questions and answers with aprofessional coach or a friend who is willing to be brutally honest regardingtheir response.

9) Prepare and give a great “Tell me about yourself” that addressesthe company’s problem and how they intend to solve it.

10) Never put the interviewer on the defensive, includingexhibiting a flexible attitude throughout the entire interview.


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